workshop | OCTOBER 21-22 | 9:00-17:00 | Mansfield 2

Understanding Akka Cluster Through Raspberry-Pi Cluster Visualization (2-days)

About this Workshop
Understanding how to use Akka clusters effectively is well worth the effort. Ask anyone that “gets it.” In this workshop, we use a simple yet powerful visualization of a 5-node, RaspberryPi-based cluster to reveal the inner workings of Akka Cluster. In a matter of minutes, you will gain a strong understanding of clustering.

Required Knowledge

  • No prior knowledge of Akka is required, just an open mind and curiosity about learning Akka
  • Basic notions of Clustering
  • Basic exposure to terminal / command line
  • Java 8, sbt, ability to clone git repo

Learning Objectives
Attendees leave with:

  • Understanding of Core Akka Clustering concepts:
    • Cluster node state (Down, Up, Weakly-up, Joining, …)
    • Leader Election and Leader role
    • Heartbeating, Gossip protocol, Failure detector
  • Understand what “Split Brain” means in the context of Clustering and the consequences of it occurring
  • Using the Akka Split Brain Resolver to avoid running into Cluster Split Brain occurrences
    • Understand the different Split Brain Resolver strategies
  • Run a sample clustered service and access it via a REST interface
  • Understand and explore Cinnamon based monitoring of a clustered service
  • Explore advanced Akka Clustering features such as Akka Cluster Sharding, Cluster Roles, Singleton, Distributed PubSub, Distributed Data, Backing Microservices with Akka Cluster


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