Reactive Summit 2018

Lilit Yenokyan

Pivotus Ventures, Director of Engineering

Lilit Yenokyan has BS in Applied Math from Yerevan State University and MS in Computer Science from University of Michigan She started her career as software engineer and worked at number of startups. Her main focus has later shifted to architecting automation frameworks. Lilit later worked at Online Services department at Microsoft developing editorial tools.

In 2013 Lilit joined Netflix as Senior Software Engineer. There she worked on number of teams, focusing on improving video delivery and bringing to Netflix users key features such as mobile downloads. Netflix nurtured Lilit's curiosity of chasing inventions and doing things no one imagined possible before. Last fall, Lilit joined Silicon Valley startup, Pivotus Ventures, as Director of Engineering, where she leads teams responsible for software delivery pipeline, testing and infrastructure. Testing Reactive microservices performance at scale is one of Lilit's core focus areas. She is a frequent speaker at technical conferences and events.

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