session | WEDNESDAY 24 OCTOBER | 11:20-12:10 | Salon International - Level 3

The Promise of Event Driven Microservices with Fast Data Streaming

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Microservices are all the rage now, as well as this new "thing" Fast Data Streaming. But how do we make sense of it all? In this talk, Duncan will focus on a specific design for Microservices, Promised based Event Driven Programming, and how they intertwine with Fast Data Streaming.
 Key topics that Duncan will discuss are:
 - The value of Event Driven models
 - What the difference between an event log and an event model is
 - Promise theory plays into this programming paradigm
 - Event Sourcing and Command Sourcing
 - How Event models relate to historical state management
 - Fast Data Streaming and how this new paradigm affects our Microservice design
 Duncan will also explain how Fast Data Streaming, in particular, introduces a new way to process data implying synthetic temporal boundaries. This ability to create an artificial limit to our data for processing in real-time / near-real-time can be a game changer for system design.


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