session | TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER | 11:20-12:10 | Symposia Theatre - Level 1

Supercharging Marketo's Multi-Tenant Platform By Going Reactive

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A case study by Marketo's Campaign team on how they built their next generation Marketing Campaign Processing Engine following Reactive System design principles. The system leverages various Akka modules and features - including but not limited to Akka Cluster, Cluster Sharding and Persistence - to build a near real-time, multi-tenant and stateful distributed system that is resilient and scalable.
 The case study will cover the following topics: A unique multi-cluster architecture that can be deployed as a combination of dispatcher clusters and executor clusters for horizontal scalability on both cluster and tenant level. Dynamically controlling throughput, parallelism and fairness per tenant with exact once execution semantics.
 Without being highly CPU intensive, the cluster can process more than 500 Million campaigns per day with as little as 11 VMs. Comparing to its homegrown legacy engine that ran on physical cores, this new Campaign Engine achieves 20 times throughput per tenant.


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