session | TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER | 15:10-16:00 | Salon International - Level 3

Reactive Performance Testing

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At Pivotus we are building a secure messaging application for financial institutions. Last fall our team made a commitment to the Reactive approach using Lagom servicing React and React Native clients. This talk will focus on performance testing and metrics for exercising Reactive at scale. We will review the performance infrastructure, demo a sample scenario, and cover reporting and visualization examples during this talk. Tools used include Jenkins, Jmeter, Grafana and InfluxDB.
For performance testing we started by composing primitive tests to find high watermarks per API for each 9 Reactive services, running on a single pod. After establishing the baselines, we ran these tests on the realistic multi-pod deployment, then examined realistic use cases with multiple API calls. We set up endurance testing to analyze the system behavior during the long-term load, they run independently or in conjunction with manual testing/automation.


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