session | TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER | 11:20-12:10 | Salon International - Level 3

Reactive Microservices using RSocket

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RSocket is an open-source network protocol developed in collaboration with Netflix, Facebook, Pivotal and others, and is currently being used by some of the highest-traffic sites on the internet. RSocket was designed to handle complex networks of microservices and support use-cases such as push notifications and real-time data processing that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with existing protocols.
 In this session, Ryland will demonstrate how RSocket can be used to achieve incredible gains both in application performance and development velocity by removing the need to tune circuit breakers, manage queues or develop complex workarounds for problems like thundering herds and dropped events. Want to implement a microservice *in your web browser* that can be called seamlessly from your backend Scala application? Come find out how RSocket makes that easy!


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