session | TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER | 12:20-13:10 | Symposia Theatre - Level 1

Reactive design patterns for microservices on multicore

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A distributed architecture consists of several microservices, where each microservice is implemented using the Actor model such as Akka and runs on a multicore CPU. 
Most of the challenges encountered when designing microservices are solved using concurrent design patterns. However, these patterns usually do not take into account the multicore issues and possible optimizations. This is a hard requirement for real-time mission-critical applications, such as a trading platform.This talk will cover best practices for building Reactive design patterns optimized for multicore. To achieve this, we’ll be using the actor model as implemented in our runtime Simplx:
We will present use-cases related to our experience working with Euronext on the next generation trading platform. We will show how to obtain throughput scalability with the number of cores, while keeping the end-to-end latency stable.
C/C++ and Java knowledge is helpful but not required to enjoy this talk.


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