session | WEDNESDAY 24 OCTOBER | 12:20-13:10 | Salon International - Level 3

Mission-critical global reactive system

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Reactive systems architecture promises resilience and scalability, but building and maintaining a globally distributed system introduces considerable challenges. Jan and Matt will share their experiences of building a mission-critical system that is spread over multiple data centers as well as multiple AWS regions. You will learn about the evolution of the system's architecture, including some of the more interesting mistakes made, the protocols and APIs that its microservices use to communicate with each other, the challenges of eventual consistency in a system that spans continents, and the hard-learned lessons in keeping the system's components running in production.
 Come to the talk if you want to learn about the devil in the details in a globally-deployed reactive system: from tuning and configuring the services and the messaging infrastructure, through security, observability, and monitoring, recovery, and unfortunately failure modes. Expect the usual suspects: Scala, Kafka, OpenShift/Kubernetes, AWS; but also pointers to more exotic services in C++, Haskell and more.


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