session | TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER | 16:30-17:20 | Salon International - Level 3

Making Music With Akka Streams

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How fast can you make streaming data go? Can it be fast enough for real-time data processing? Can the latency be minimized to allow fast data delivery cycles? Reid has faced these questions in projects that needed to deliver event and metric data with strict time requirements. In this talk, Reid demonstrates how a Raspberry Pi can be turned into a musical instrument with several real time inputs handled by Akka Streams efficiently enough for there to be no perceptible delay in sound generation. If it's good enough for making music in real time, Akka Streams can probably handle other workloads adroitly. The presentation will also serve as a tutorial on constructing intermediate level Akka Streams including BroadcastHub, MergeHub, and other stream construction techniques.


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