session | TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER | 14:10-15:00 | Salon Cartier - Level 3

Lessons Learned: Building Scalable & Elastic Akka Clusters on Google Managed Kubernetes

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Akka Clustering provides a solid foundation for building and orchestrating reactive systems. The real beauty of Akka comes to life when we are able to build cluster-aware Akka Actors with Microservice Nodes that can join or leave the cluster at any point in time (scale-down or scale-up) in order to handle a surge or sudden spike in traffic. In this presentation we will talk about the lessons we have learned building a scalable Akka Microservice Ecosystem on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) managed Kubernetes, and our evolution over the past two years of using Akka Clustering and Remoting. Building our Microservice platform with Akka on Kubernetes provides our developers the necessary abstraction layer around the infrastructure which has significantly sped up the development-deployment velocity of our team.


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