session | TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER | 15:10-16:00 | Symposia Theatre - Level 1

Integrating Machine Learning, Reactive Microservices, and Akka with Kafka

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Many companies are experimenting with machine learning to see how they can better predict the future. Supervised learning techniques leverage existing datasets with a target variable and apply algorithms against the features to determine how to predict the target. Data is important as your model will only be as good as your data. Once the model is built, deploying it in a reactive microservice architecture can provide many benefits including asynchronous processing along with distributed computing. One way to build this is to leverage the Akka framework. Actors can intercommunicate with each other asynchronously while also publish and subscribing to external actor systems via an event stream like Kafka. Kafka provides a resilient event stream that also enables back pressure with persistence. Leveraging all of these technologies together can provide a powerful solution that can handle concurrency and scale. In this session, we'll show you the use cases where using this integration pattern makes sense along with doing a live demo.



Andrew Bonham

Capital One Architecture, Director, Enterprise Architect

Andy is currently an Director, Enterprise Architect at Capital One with over 18 years of hands-on IT experience building real-time high transaction decisioning and workflow applications. Some of his areas of expertise include microservices, reactive architecture, case management & BPMS products, rules engines, machine learning, and common capabilities. He holds an undergraduate and master’s degree in Computer Science along with a concentration in Information Security. He has several industry certifications including AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, CISSP and CSSLP.

Thiaga Manian

Capital One Card Tech, Lead Software Engineer

An Information Technology Professional with extensive experience in designing and developing applications for a Fortune 200 financial service company. Effectively leads designers and developers on offshore and onshore projects through the whole software development lifecycle to achieve business goals. Possesses diverse technical experience derived from rapid learning and effective application of technologies. Very dependable and effective technical manager with a strong focus on results.

Sairam Tadigadapa

Capital One, Director

Sairam Tadigadapa is a Director at Capital One leading credit decisioning technologies. His expertize is in microservices, fast data delivery, and Devops. Currently he is leading a large program modernizing a credit decisioning platform. He has a Masters in Data Mining and MBA in Finance and Information Systems.

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