session | WEDNESDAY 24 OCTOBER | 16:10-17:00 | Salon International - Level 3

From overnight to always-on

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Systems integration is everywhere, not because we want it, but because we need it.
It's the download of exchange rates, the list of yesterday's orders and the latest inventory. Not long time ago, we'd pull this kind of information in overnight batches and every system had something to work on. That was the age where we had printed newspapers.
Today, data needs to be there. Instantaneously. Or 'as fast as possible'. We don't want to transfer huge piles of data once every night but have the updates coming by - just after the change happened. We want streaming data.
In this talk, we exemplify the path to move from overnight file exchanges to streaming data by using Alpakka, which is an integration library based on Reactive Streams and Akka.
Always on.


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