Schedule Preview

Microservices. Fast Data. Distributed Systems. Chaos Engineering. This is a rare opportunity for you to strengthen your knowledge in some of today’s hottest technology trends by attending the 3-day Reactive Summit in Austin, Texas on October 18-20, 2017. Our program committee is working on selecting an exclusive schedule for you. To help you plan your stay early, the general schedule is available for your reference. The full program will be announced in July.

Schedule Overview
Tuesday, Oct 17th Workshops* 8am - 5pm
Wednesday, Oct 18th Workshops* 8am - 5pm
Reactive Summit Keynote 5pm - 6:30pm
Thursday, Oct 19th Reactive Summit Sessions 8am - 6:30pm
Friday, Oct 20th Reactive Summit Sessions 8am - 6:30pm

*Workshops are not included in ticket price.