Reactive Summit 2018

Call for Proposals


  1. Building and Operating Reactive Systems
    Leveraging the principles of Reactive Systems and Reactive Programming in developing and operating Microservices, Distributed and Concurrent Systems. Discussing Patterns, Anti-Patterns, Tools, Techniques, Practical insights, Processes, and Practices, Challenges, Case studies, around Architecture, Design, Development, Continuous Delivery, Deployment, Monitoring, Orchestration, Reactive Compute (compute elasticity and containers) and Resilience.

  2. When Data Goes Reactive
    The challenges of streaming data pipelines and how Reactive addresses them. Practical issues supporting important technologies like IoT and Machine Learning. Talks on specific technologies like Kafka, Spark, Flink, Akka Streams, or topics like global data concerns, fraud, security, SDR, and Blockchain.

  3. Reactive for Managers
    The business case for the Reactive Principles and Reactive technologies. How to manage Reactive projects and build teams around the Reactive Principles. Legacy project migration.

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